The most insane one-off supercars that will blow your mind

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These days, owning a regular supercar isn’t quite enough. Wealthy owners increasingly want exclusivity, with many commissioning unique automobiles that display their wealth, taste and passion for speed. Here are the most insane one-off supercars that will blow your mind…


supercar - TGJ.01

Pagani wasn’t shy when it came to creating a special edition Zonda – this is the most special throughout its 16-year production run. Specially built for one of Horacio Pagani’s top customers, it features a highly-tuned 7.3-litre V12 that produces 750bhp. It’s essentially a race car for the road, with its carbon-fibre tub, large fixed rear wing and gaping roof intake.


supercar - TGJ.01
The Speed 12 was originally conceived to race in the GT1 series, and it likely would have succeeded. Unfortunately, the plans fell through due to unreliability and TVR eventually disbanding. There was one car that made it for road use though, and it boasts an 860bhp monster V12 and an uber lightweight shell. TVR founder Peter Wheeler declared it too unsafe for the road – we love it.

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