Best 1980s supercars: Top 10

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Supercars were quickly evolving in the 1980s, and the decade produced some of the greatest motoring icons. Here are ten of the best

The 1980s signaled the birth of the accomplished supercars of today. New, money-laden markets in the Middle East and America meant that the clientele exercised the right to demand more from their performance cars. Many came and went, but those who succeeded helped build the foundations of the seven-figure supercars of today.

Power figures surged, and manufacturers had access to rapidly developing technology – driven mainly by motorsport. Turbocharging was still in its infancy, but it opened up a world of performance. Here are ten supercars from the 1980s that are defined by era they were built in.


1.Ferrari F40

The F40 was the ultimate Ferrari. Many argue it still is; a car brimming with all that had been learned on road and track, and used to eye-watering effect. Coined as a go-kart for the road, the F40 weighed just 1100kg, yet enjoyed a twin-turbo 2.9-litre V8, developing 478bhp. All this meant a ferocious power-to-weight ratio, and more importantly a set of performance figures capable of putting the Porsche 959 to shame. It topped 200mph, looked like a full-fledged race car and went like one too. To many, the F40 is the greatest supercar of all-time. And who are we to argue?

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