15 Healthy Grilled Cheese Makeovers

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Try these decked-out—and totally delicious—riffs on the gooey, cheesy comfort classic.

Our Favorite Healthy Grilled Cheese Makeovers

We can’t knock the classic grilled cheese sandwich that we all grew up with, but sometimes a rainy (or sunny—we won’t discriminate) day calls for something more. We’ve mixed it up and kicked it up to bring you 30 new ways to enjoy a comfort classic.

First up, tangy-spicy kimchi brightens the taste of this rich, toasty grilled cheese sandwich. We use a combination of two cheeses—fresh mozzarella and Monterey Jack—for the best flavor and texture. The kimchi retains some crunch in the sandwich, creating a great textural contrast to the soft cheese.

Waffle Iron Turkey Melt Panini

Waffle Iron Turkey Melt Panini

This playful turkey melt’s abundant crisp crevices and gooey interior will have the whole family wondering, “What can we waffle next?”

Grilled Ice-Cream Sandwich

Grilled Ice-Cream Sandwich

Made with cinnamon swirl bread and apple butter, our Grilled Ice-Cream Sandwich riffs on the flavors of America’s most patriotic dessert (apple pie!), right down to the classic bite of cheddar cheese. Meanwhile, it gives new jazz to the joys of the ice-cream sandwich: Warm, crunchy bread snuggles up to cold, creamy ice cream.

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