10 Genius Grilling Hacks For The Ultimate BBQ Experience

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One of my absolute favorite things about summer is grilling out. In fact, I often have my first “summer” cookout before summer officially begins! I just want to get out there and make use of that beautiful weather. There is just something about spending time with family and friends out in the yard while the flowers are in bloom and the hummingbirds are buzzing back and forth. You smell the steak sizzling on the grill, take a gulp of cold lemonade, and everything just feels perfect.

But that doesn’t mean that some aspects of hosting a cookout aren’t a pain. I often find that I’m cutting it close with time or rushing to get everyone’s food done in a timely fashion. I’m not all that great at grilling out either; it’s not like it’s something I get to practice everyday.

So this year I looked up some smart grilling hacks to help me do a better job! Here are the best ones I discovered.

1. Easy campfire starter

If you want an easy way to start a campfire, grab an empty egg carton and fill it with charcoal bricks. It saves you a mess and it’s really easy to light the carton. Once you do that, the charcoal starts. This is especially great for hiking and camping!

2. Spiral-cut your hotdogs

If you use a spiral cut on your hotdogs, they will cook through better and taste amazing. The grooves are perfect for holding condiments. They also are really cool to look at, and will be sure to generate a topic of conversation among your party guests.

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